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    TAPPI Celebrates the 2020 Women in Industry Division Honoree

    As part of the Virtual Women’s Summit on June 30, TAPPI’s Women in Industry (WIN) Division will present its Woman of the Year award to Adele Elice-Invaso. The award was originally scheduled for presentation at the Women’s Summit in April, but due to the pandemic it is now part of the new, virtual event.

    Each year, TAPPI honors an exclusive group of individuals who have been selected by their peers to be recognized for scientific achievement, outstanding leadership, professional excellence, and service to the industry and communities. The awards do more than honor those receiving them—they highlight the qualities valued by TAPPI members. The Woman of the Year award is no exception.

    Nominations for 2021 award winners are open until August 1, 2020. Please visit the awards page for more information. 

    Woman of the Year Award  


    Elice-Invaso is a passionate advocate for supporting and developing the next generation of leaders and innovators. As Executive Director of the Australasian Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association (Appita), she has led the development of new programs and events to better engage, connect and develop young industry professionals. She has 23 years’ experience in the pulp and paper industry across various roles including management, advocacy, technical sales and marketing, publishing, and consulting.

    Recently Elice-Invaso has been involved in the development of a new online Master’s program: The Master’s Bioproduct Manufacturing Engineering at BioPRIA (Bioresource Processing Research Institute of Australia), Monash University. This first-of-its-kind program is designed to prepare a new generation of engineers with entrepreneurial and advanced manufacturing skills.

    Elice-Invaso has extensive experience engaging with stakeholders and building and strengthening collaborations for research and development between industry, universities and not-for-profit groups. She has held a wide range of representative positions focused on industry education, training, and research. She is a member of the Monash University BioPRIA Management Committee, the Pulp & Paper Industry Reference Committee, and the Australian Forest Product Association (AFPA) - Pulp & Paper Industry Chamber Committee.