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    TAPPI Connect

    TAPPI Connect is a valuable new resource - unique to your industry - that you can use to collaborate, share knowledge and expand your personal and professional networks. It’s easy to join; easy to participate.

    How Can TAPPI Connect Help You?
    ? Get to know others in your specific industry
    ? Discuss topics, interests, ideas and research
    ? Write and read blogs; collaborate
    ? Solve problems and troubleshoot
    ? Upload and share documents

    What Else Can You Do?
    ? Build and Manage Technical Programs
    ? Develop Standards and Technical Information Papers (TIPs)
    ? Share Committee Meeting Presentations
    ? Revise and Update Publications
    ? Start a blog and Share, Collaborate and Discuss Industry Issues

    How Do I Get Started?
    To get started, go to TAPPI Connect and follow the steps under "Start using Connect".

    TAPPI Connect. The Power of Professional Engagement.
    Start connecting today.