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    TAPPI PIMA Executive of the Year Award

    TAPPI PIMA Executive of the Year Award

    The Executive of the Year Award was a PIMA Division level award and as of 2016 has now been elevated to an Association Level Award. It is traditionally presented to senior-level executives in the pulp, paper, or converting industries for excellence in management and outstanding contributions to the industry as a whole.

    Nominations are due by August 1 of each year for the award to be presented the following calendar year.   

    Nomination Form (PDF Download) 

     2020 TAPPI PIMA Executive of the Year Winner

    Steve_Voorhees-8346 12.20.18.jpg

    TAPPI is pleased to announce that Steve Voorhees has been named winner of the esteemed TAPPI/PIMA Executive of the Year Award. Mr. Voorhees is CEO Of WestRock and is also a member of the Board of Directors.

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     Previous Winners

      1966 Frederick S. Crysler, Container Corporation of America
      1967 Howard W. Morgan, Weyerhaeuser Company
      1968 George H. Pringel, The Mead Corporation
      1969 Paul S. Baldwin, Scott Paper Company
      1970 William R. Adams, St. Regis Paper Company
      1971 P.H. Glatfelter III, P.H. Glatfelter Company
      1972 J.W. McSwiney, The Mead Corporation
      1973 William Beckett, Beckett Paper Company
      1974 Karl Bendetsen, Champion International Corp.
      1975 John H. Rich, Garden State Paper Company
      1976 Alexander Calder, Jr., Union Camp Corp.
      1977 Alvin J. Huss, Champion International Corp.
      1978 Lyman A. Beeman, Sr., Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc.
      1979 Harold H. Holden, Gilman Paper Company
      1980 Ward H. Harrison, Howard Paper Mills, Inc.
      1981 Henry W. Fales, Paper Industry Consultant
      1982 Karl Guest, Stone Container Corporation
      1983 Harold Zigmund, Blandin Paper Company
      1984 Jack E. Chinn, Madison Paper Industries
      1985 Brenton S. Halsey &, Robert C. Williams, James River Corporation
      1986 George W. Mead, Consolidated Papers, Inc.
      1987 Phillip E. Lippincott, Scott Paper Company  
      1988 George S. Petty, Repap Enterprises Corp., Inc.
      1989 Judson Hannigan, Champion International Corp.
      1990 Frank A. Dottori, Tembec, Inc.
      1991 Roger W. Stone, Stone Container Corporation
      1992 Irene W. Meister, American Paper Institute


      1993 Richard J. Carota, Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc.
      1994 R. Eugene Cartledge, Union Camp Corporation
      1995 Arnold M. Nemirow, Bowater Incorporated
      1996 Roland Cyrenne, Kruger Inc.
      1997 Patrick F. Brennan, Consolidated Papers Inc.
      1998 Leroy J. "Roy" Barry, Madison Paper Industries
      1999 A.D. "Pete" Correll, Georgia-Pacific Corporation
      2000 Robert C. Buchanan, Fox Valley Corporation
      2001 John Dillon, International Paper
      2002 William B. Howes, Inland Paperboard and Packaging
      2003 John Luke, Mead Westvaco
      2004 James McGinnity, Fox River Fiber Company
      2005 L. Pendleton Siegel, Potlatch Corp.
      2006 Steven R. Rogel, Weyerhaeuser
      2007 Keith Van Scotter, Lincoln Paper & Tissue
      2008 Raymond Royer, Domtar
      2009 Mark Gardner, SAPPI
      2010 Bob Snyder, Orchids Paper
      2011 Mike Jackson, Verso Paper
      2012 Jim Rubright, RockTenn Company
      2013 George F. Martin, NewPage
      2014 Russell P. Wanke, Expera Specialty Solutions
      2015 James Hannan, Georgia Pacific  
      2016 David Scheible, Graphic Packaging
      2017: Mark W. Kowlzan, Packaging Corp of America
      2018: Mark S. Sutton, International Paper
      2019: John D. Williams, Domtar
      2020: Steve Voorhees, Westrock